Semi Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser 
Innovative Design & Smart Combination - Clinical Biochemistry Analyzer

Features - ACCULAB AT300D

  1. Programmable channels - more than 300 channels ensuring complete coverage of routine biochemistry tests and also multiple programs of same parameter for cross checking.
  2. Results memory - more than 200,000 results.
  3. 7” True color touch screen. Can be operated by touch or stylus.
  4. Customized Main Interface screen.
  5. On screen keyboard.
  6. Multiple Interface Options.
  7. Optics.
  8. Windows Embedded Compact 7.
  9. Samples can be searched by date, sample name, doctor name, department, Etc.
  10. Analyzer reads one absorbance per second during incubation time and testing time.
  11. AD & Offset value check.
  12. Delete and Backup, Restore.
  13. Software upgrade by USB pen drive.
  14. Filters : Newport, USA.
  15. SMPS : Meanwell.
  16. Lamp : Philips.
  17. Flow cell is made of titanium material.

Pack Size : 1 Unit

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