SPHERA is the Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer which is Accurate, Precise and Rapid Testing Solution.


  1. Compact, fully automated, open random-access analyzer.
  2. Upto 200 tests/hour throughput -without ISE.
  3. Minimum reaction volume: 210 µl.
  4. Minimal  1L/h water consumption.
  5. 80 reusable UV transmitting Bionex plastic cuvettes.
  6. 8-step wash station.
  7. Primary tubes and sample cups.
  8. Round-the-clock on-board reagent refrigeration.
  9. 30 reagent and 60 sample positions.
  10. Capacitive liquid level detector.
  11. Needle shock detector.
  12. Large liquid containers with level sensors.
  13. Windows 7/8 and USB compatible.
  14. LIS ethernet, ASTM, bi-directional.
  15. Unique ‘Hi’ software designed for touch screen.
  16. Automatic shut down and start up.

Pack Size : 1 Unit

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