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Safety Lancets for Capillary Blood Sampling
Feature -
Safe –
Auto-retractable:Prevents accidental needle stick injuries (NSI) before and after use.
Single-use and Sterile: Eliminates cross Infection.
Internationally Certified: CE, USFDA, TUV, OSHA-Compliantand meets CDC Guidelines.
Simple –
Quick: Preset; no loading device needed
Innovative: Patented ergonomic design and touch-activated.
Comfortable –
Virtually Pain free: Ultrafine smooth needle; siliconizedand electropolished.
Consistent: Fixed Needle Gauge (28G) and controlledpenetration depth (1.8mm) for consistent blood volumes.
Cost Effective –
Minimal training required.

adminpanel/images/product/{C03DD070-35F8-4C24-41BE-6A2CAEA282D8}_4 in 1 Cardiac Marker Analyzer.png

Near Patient Critical Care Quantitative Analyzer-

Features -

  1. Instant Quantitative Analyzer for Cardiac Bio-marker & Sepsis.
  2. Test Parameters - Trop-I, Hs-Crp, D-dimer, PCT.
  3. Sample Type - W.B., Plasma, Serum & Urine.
  4. Touch Screen Interface.
  5. RFID Card Calibration.
  6. Real Time and Rapid Test.
  7. Works on the Immunofluroscence assay.
  8. Imp Features - Inside & Outside modes are available.

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Accurate Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Features -

  1. No Coding.
  2. Strip Ejection Technology.
  3. Affordable Price.
  4. No HCT Interference.
  5. Auto Detection of Strip.
  6. GOD Principle.
  7. Lifetime Warranty.
  8. Results in 5 Sec.
  9. International certification - ISO 15197:2013
  10. CE Certification.
  11. Made in India.

Box Contents-

1 Glucose Meter, 1 Lancing Device, 10 Lancets, 10 Strips & 1 Carry Case.

adminpanel/images/product/{77E26A29-EF05-4E09-E06A-2269FFA0B513}_ACCULaB AT112 Neo.png

New Generation Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyser

Features -
  1. End point, kinetics, fixed time absorbance, turbidimetry
  2. All in one optical system, high reliability and anti-interference
  3. Reaction curve and QC graph print-out
  4. Dynamic temperature control of Peltier elements, 25*C, 30*C, 37*C
  5. Upto 112test profiles can be programmed
  6. Memory for 110,000 sample results
  7. Touch screen, 7.0 TFT, large colour LCD display
  8. Easy to use operation and minimum daily maintenance
  9. Real time monitor of reaction curve data
  10. zero drift
  11. LIS compatible


Blood Glucose Monitoring System - Meter Strips - (100s Pack)

Features -

XpressGluco Meter Strips - (100s Pack)

  • GOD Principle.
  • Excellent Precision & Accuracy in Result (Carbon electrode with laser patterning to ensure Precise result).
  • Sample Volume is 0.5 ul

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