CBC 360 Neo

CBC 360 Neo

CBC 360 Neo - Truly Automated Hematology Analyzer.

Features : -

  • 3-part differentiation of WBC.
  • High processing speed: 60 samples/ hour.
  • Automated walk away operation.
  • Automated for – Self checking, background test, calibration, sampling, dilution, mixing, printing, dormancy, alarms, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Multi parameter estimation: 21 parameters categorized according to corpuscle type for easy reporting.
  • Direct command keys for Mode, Prime, Flush, Drain & Record / Print for faster operation.
  • Run / Standby indicator lights denote the analyzer status i.e. test is being run or Analyser is ready to test.
  • Whole blood / Pre-diluent indicator light denotes the sample type in use i.e. whole blood / pre-diluent.
  • Duel sample mode with low sample volume: Whole blood (venous) mode: 10 µl; pre pre-diluent (capillary) mode: 20 µl.
  • Audio alarm indication for abnormal findings or system errors.
  • 4 QC methods: L-J, X-B, X-R & X QC.
  • Comprehensive QC graphs with 31 data points for each parameter.
  • Internal & external probe cleaning facility.
  • Dormancy mode available to reduce power consumption.
  • Memory: 100,000 (with histogram).

Pack Size :

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